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For Our Men. How To Date Us.

It has come to my attention that men need us as much as we need them. Not just for sex but guidance as well. No offense my beautiful male beings, but sometimes just a whisper in your ear can lead you to successful ways to get our attention when traditionally dating.

Ok so let’s start with when a man sees what he wants and approaches her. Hypothetically speaking, your out at a social event. You see a young lady you are attracted to. Instead of introducing yourself,complimenting her asking if you could buy her a drink with small conversation and dismissing yourself decide to purchase her drink and stand over her the entire time she drinks it and constantly asking questions even though you know she wants to mingle with others. Bad move guys! Or how about you meet a young lady ask her for her number and when it’s time to ask her out you decide to Text her and ask her out instead of picking up the phone and Calling her. Another Bad move guys! These are only 2 examples of things Not to do if you’re trying to get our attention. Most real grown women are attracted to men that give them breathing room and show they’re interested at the same time. You don’t have to hound someone to let them know you want them. A man that is as smooth as Columbus Short in True To The Game. As chilled as Denzell Washington in EVERY movie and as suave as Christian Grey in Fifty Shades of Grey is every woman’s dream. As far as the text. That’s not grown man style. Even though we need breathing room that doesn’t mean no real communication. Remember first impressions are lasting ones. A real man will pick up the phone to get know you and ask you on a date. Texting to ask women on a date should only apply to teenagers. Unfortunately that’s bad too,but more acceptable. So to all my sexy men. We love you, but we also want to give you the do’s and don’ts to a woman’s heart. Grown Woman Style. Stay Fab my grown men.

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