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Post Relationship Fashion

Updated: Sep 10, 2019

Ever went through a bad breakup and didn't feel like putting on anything worthy of a compliment. Couldn't get out of bed, couldn't eat and definitely were not concerned about what your hair looked like that morning. It's called depression, but since The Red Room is to empower our women. We're gonna call it giving ourselves recovery time. So many of us lose ourselves after thinking our relationships defined who we were. We feel alone, embarrassed, saddened, empty. We feel as though we've failed. We feel unattractive and because of that it shows in our outward appearance. But because you are a queen you Cant stay down forever. Let's start with the first step to recovery. 1.Therapy. Sometimes depending on how much trauma has been caused from a breakup therapy is a necessity. Reach out to friends for referrals or do your research privately. Don't be ashamed to inquire. You would be surprised how many other women have been through what you've been through. Remember before you can go to step 2 you Must take care of your mental state, whether it's therapy, dinner with your bestie or physical activities such as yoga, gym workouts, salsa, aerobics or whatever makes you feel beautiful and confident again. Step 2. Let's get this hair together honey. Try something new. Isn't that what we always do after a breakup? But nothing drastic. Do something that compliments your beauty without you having to regret it after your feeling a little better. If you're trying a new color only go 1-2 shades