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Meet Detroit's Leading Hair Stylist

Racquel “Rocky” Campbell is a leading and innovative hairstylist and Fashion Beauty Blogger in the beauty industry.

She was born and raised in Detroit, MI where she discovered her true niche in styling 34 years ago and she is still at the top of her profession. Her career began working in salons, but she is now proud to say she owns and operates Ricardo’s Place Studio in Berkley, MI.  

In 2018, Rocky started her very own Fashion Beauty Blog, "The Red Room" which consists of:

women's empowering subjects, fashion trends, "Rocky's favorite items" skin, self, & hair care routines, styling tips, men's fashion, dating tips, all while blogging/vlogging on various everyday subjects and more!

Rocky's goal is to strengthen women of all ages that have suffered from low self-esteem resulting from traumatic experiences they've overcome. 

Rocky, has gained strength and healing herself, being a domestic violence survivor, through conversations with her many hair clients, and that "girl time" women share at the shop.

"I felt I had a voice in this industry and sharing my story about how I overcame abuse, and esteem issues can encourage others to love who they are and be confident in doing so."

In November 2020, Rocky started her organic essential hair and skin oil line, "Rouge Essential Hair and Skin Oils"  which consists of hair growth oils, body oils, and natural skincare remedies for different types of skin issues.


Skills and experience have allowed her to develop a very elite clientele. Her vision is “Unique, Classy and Eccentric”. For some hairstylists, simple is safe; however, for Rocky, everything goes. With her being open-minded and free-spirited regarding coiffure etiquette, it is no wonder she has been successful in her years of styling. Working out of the box and always willing to create at the spur of a moment is what makes her unique. The one aspect that she has always excelled at is catering to every client’s vision. 


Rocky specializes in all phases of hair including creative cuts, colors, and top of the line hair extensions using different techniques accommodating the highest of challenges in styling. She especially works consistently with natural hair and extensions. 


Longing to expand her career, she has taken her profession to freelancing. This expansion created opportunities for Rocky to work regularly in the art & media industry with people like gospel artists Karen Clark Sheard and Lexi Allen, actress Maia Campbell, violinist Miri Ben-Ari and Kiss Magazine in Chicago & Atlanta all while maintaining her faithful clientele. Rocky resides in the Metro Detroit area, but travels frequently using her skills and talents to enhance women’s beauty.

Rocky's newest venture to add to her talents is professional styling.  "Above all, my goal is to share with women of every age the importance of self worth, and self maintenance while feeling beautiful and being well-dressed!" 


 Her mission to create a unique experience is #1.  

Hello Rocky!

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