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2021 Challenges And Growth💫💫

I definetly thought this year would have been way different than 2020. But as the months got deeper into the year I realized this will be a duplicate of the year prior. Even with vaccines being released, this year still felt dark. With the division that has been caused by the selfishness of others and some not believing that what we are dealing with is real. For me my eyes have been opened in so many ways. Although I accomplished a lot this year I also battled my depression off and on. It has been quite difficult continuing to keep my brands going and trying to mask my illness.

I am still blessed through it all. I finally wrote my first collaboration book. My Rouge Essential Oil line has grown.I have been blessed with a few wonderful new clients in my salon and I was able to create some dope material that I always wanted to do within my blog. I stretched my Red Room Blog brand in such a way that I took chances on how people would react and didn't care. You see it was important for me to be completely transparent this year, and I was. I don't regret it.

So through my major challenge I've grown at the same time. I learned that sometimes when a friendship takes a pause because of negative energy over and over its best not to try and revisit. We sometimes feel that if you and that particular person have a conversation and apologies are given it is now all good and you can go back to that happy space before things were bad. Well not true. Some friendships are meant to be forever and some are not. Though you may have worked through the negative and hashed things out. Sometimes that's all it needs to be in order to free yourself from holding on to that dark cloud. Doesn't mean you can never talk to the person, but just allow yourself to be cordial and love them from afar for your own mental health. .

I believe I've learned more in 2021 than in 2020. To sum it all up. I've learned more about myself. I've learned how to say No without regret. I've learned certain things are out of my control. I've learned not to be ashamed of my battle with depression and I've learned to be Completely Authentic in everything I do. I've learned that your true squad will be there for you even when they don't understand and the ones that aren't were never part of that crew anyway.

So tell me how have you grown this year through all the chaos? We all have our struggles. Noone is exempt. But it's how we deal with them. I am a work in progress doing what I can to push through. I'm sure these are words that someone else has spoken as well. However we must hold ourselves accountable and not only speak about

things but DO. We speak it into existence. But what are we Doing in order for it to exist? Never stop pushing.

Bring 2022 In With Not Only Speaking It,But Doing It!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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