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Appreciating Your Curves

Updated: Jan 22, 2019

Apppreciating Your Curves Not every woman was built with wide hips, large breast, big booty, thick arms, large calve’s, wide waist and so on. But Oh How beautiful it is to know You Were. God made you perfect. YES, PERFECT!! We are so quick to find our flaws when we don’t realize that what most women complain about other women pray for. We have to learn to Love our curves. Find clothes to compliment those curves. There’s so much out here now to accommodate our curvy shapes. Stores such as Torrids, Fashion Nova, Ashley Stewart and Eloquii are just a few of my top picks for my sexy curvy girls. Key to being successful in your shopping journey is find things that are appealing to your shape. Not every woman is shaped alike. So what may look good on the model may not work for you. Make sure you’re shopping for your body shape. One thing that can be tricky in the fashion world are leggings. YES, these can make or break the world of class.📷 There are all types of textures in leggings and there are rules to wearing them. 1.Please make sure the ones you pick are Not so thin that you can see your skin color, and if so make sure your top is long enough to cover those voluptuous assets that God gave you. 2.When wearing these cute fitted items please do not wear colorful, or printed underwear. No one should be distracted by those pretty underwear you decided to wear with your leggings. 3. Let’s all be clear that everyone’s buttock shapes are also different ,so because of that we have to be conscious of how smooth our undergarments lay under our leggings. 4.If we want classy we have to make sure our tops that we’re wearing with our leggings are long enough to cover our buttocks. Because there are so many shapes and sizes a short T-shirt or short top can turn that classy legging outfit to a trashy one. That is the number one downfall with so many of us that wear leggings. Remember originally leggings were meant for workouts and ski sports in the beginning. However, now that’s it’s been turned into a fashion look please let’s keep it classy ladies. There’s nothing wrong with showing a little skin, but please show it in the right places without creating an uproar in your surroundings. And ladies this goes for all of us from petite to curvy. There’s rules to every piece in the fashion world. Now go be confident and sexy my beautiful curvy girls. And don’t forget to stay classy!

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