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Are You Ready For Hair Color?

Updated: Mar 18, 2019

Ok ladies let’s talk color. How often do we see other beauties that have color and we say “Oh, that’s beautiful. I wish I could wear that?” Why can’t you? A lot of reasons women shy away from hair color is. A. Their corporate jobs.

B. Their husbands or boyfriends won’t approve. C. Their concern for breakage. But the absolute number one answer would be they’re terrified of what the outcome would be and too afraid to chance it. Now ladies you know I’m about to go in on this one. Life is about taking chances. So out with the excuses. Life is too damn short. For our virgins why not start with a little color such as highlights or lowlights? Highlights if you want more noticeable color throughout without completely disturbing your natural color. Lowlights if you want just a touch of color. No more than 1 shade up from your natural color. Then if you become comfortable with your new color go bold and color from root to end or add more highlights. Of course we all want to ensure that our hair is strong enough to take color, with that being said lowlights are a great way to see if your hair can take the chemical. Start off no more than a 20 volume developer. For those that have very sensitive or fragile tresses go with a semi-permanent or a cellophane. Of course it won’t give you as bold of a color unless your hair is prelightened, but it will give you soft highlights without damage. There are so many options when trying color. So dig in. Try something exciting. Go outside the box a little. But Please in doing so, (especially my virgins) make sure to get your new hair color professionally done! Being a hairstylist as long as I’ve been I’ve seen too many hair disasters. We want healthy hair as well as colored hair. With that being said make sure you start booking those hair color appointments now. Spring is in the air and it’s time to revamp. 😘😘

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Unknown member
Mar 19, 2019

Color is what’s up. It can change your life and give you a whole new outlook on new hair and fashion looks. I’m backing you 💯 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽


I’m going back blond this summer I do love my color.

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