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Being a Woman And Dealing With Depression

So many of us deal with so much in life. Raising our children as single parents the best way we know how with only to end up with a disrespectful child who is in and out of the system. Working dead end jobs as we try to make ends meet and still struggling living from check to check. Dealing with toxic relationships because we never had our fathers in our lives and so much more. All these things can be wearing and draining on our spirits. However I have the Best solution ever.... GOD! We so often run to other devices for help. We eat away the pain. We give up on ourselves and rarely remember that God is in control. When’s the last time you gave it to him and left it? I often talk to myself the same way. No matter how bad the situation he’s truly a miracle worker(trust me. I know) So the next time you feel like giving up get on your knees and pray to God for what you need, doesn’t have to be a long prayer, but sincere. Wipe your tears. Put on your best outfit. Find your flyest shoes. Put that red lip on and leave that prayer right there. When you say “God Fix It” Mean It and go about your day. He can’t do the work if you’re in his way. Until next time my red roomer’s Be Encouraged.

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