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Controlling The Pooch!

Ladies let’s talk. Not all of us were blessed with a flat cardboard stomach. And let me be clear there’s nothing wrong with a little pooch. Some of us have birthed children. Some of us are dealing with health issues that may cause bloating and some of us are just beautifully made thick women. However when it comes to fashion there is a thin line between loving who you are and just downright not wearing clothes that flatter the pooch. We all need a little help in certain areas. No one has a perfect body unless it’s been manually altered. However all is not lost there are all sorts of undergarments to help hide those small flaws. For those that live in the metro Detroit area Harps in Birmingham is a great place for undergarments to pull it all in. I’ve been there a few times and got lucky. Also make sure to follow This young lady has a great shapewear piece that I think could work for each and everyone of us. I love the fit. It definitely snatches you in. For those that are more comfortable in there usual surroundings check out Walmart, Target,Khols , or maybe even Meijers. When shopping at these stores make sure to look on the tag for firm or moderate fit. Depending on what you’re trying to accomplish. Ok my beauties remember being a woman is not the easiest thing in life, but because we are we gotta keep it together. Nothing like feeling beautiful inside and out. Until next time.📷📷

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