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Date Night Hair Woes

Updated: Jan 22, 2019

Date Night Hair Woes How many of us have been feelin this particular guy and Finally out of nowhere (after you thought he wasn’t feelin you) he decides to ask you out on a whim? Or the guy you’re dating decides to do something different and surprise you with dinner reservations? Whatever the case may be we’ve all experienced that out of nowhere meet up with a guy we feelin and totally we’re not prepared to do so. In other words, Our Hair Was A Mess! Well Love I got a few quick tips for that unprepared date night hair drama. 1. Wigs are great for moments like this. Particularly curly ones. Not necessarily long ones. But for those of us who are really into the natural looks such as I. There are some great kinky curly looks. Try something edgy with a little volume. If you’re too afraid of major drama, just keep it no longer than chin length. Style it with your fingers and go. 2. For those who are a little more conservative grab a pack of kanekalon hair from your local beauty supply in your color, actually grab a few packs so you’ll always have it on standby. They can cost anywhere from $1.99-$5.99. Pull you’re hair up or back whichever way you would like your hair to be positioned. Add gel to mold the hair in place. My favorite is Ecostyler with olive oil or coconut oil. Olive oil gel is preferred for people that need more hold. Once molded. Add a ponytail holder to secure it and tuck the ends of your hair. Tie your hair down with a scarf then grab a pack of hair rubberband side connected to your own ponytail and secure that kanekalon hair around your ponytail. Then take the hair and begin to wrap it around into a cute bun secure with pins. Doesn’t have to be neat. Actually the messier the cuter it is. WALA! You got a sweet little chignon now. Keep the scarf on to set the hair until you’re ready to go. 3.Try some fly hats. Omg, hats can give you life. It’s all about finding the one that fits your style. Most fedoras can work for anyone, but if you want more drama there’s also wide brim hats. Tam beanie hats can be cute as well. And then there’s the floppy hats. These are always fly with boots or any type of heel. 5.Another go to of mine is sexy headwraps. Yes, my Nubian Beauties. Headwraps can be sexy. If you’re not the best at wrapping them YouTube has so many videos on this. But to keep it simple try tying one at the nape of your neck in a bun or for my sassy gals try tying it at the front of your forehead for more of a statement piece. Make sure your scarves are long and wide in order to create that beautiful bun. Try pretty scarves with a little design. TJ maxx as well as Marshall’s carry great scarves for good prices. Or if you’re looking for something in particular to go with an outfit why not go to one of your local fabric stores and grab your favorite designed material. Depending on the look you’re going for depends on how much. 2 yards or less is usually more than enough. Ok so now that you’re prepared for impromptu date night. Go grab some of these items ASAP. So when you get that phone call you’ll be ready. Alrighty my beauties remember...... Stay Ready.📷

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