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Definition of a Bad Bitch

Updated: Feb 12, 2019

Though the word bitch identifies with a female canine animal. Or in an offensive manner a woman considered to be mean, overbearing and contemptible. There is also a positive meaning behind the title. A woman who knows who she is at all times is considered a Bad Bitch. A woman who raises her children without a spouse while working a job that may consist of over 8 hours a day, goes to night school at least twice a week and makes sure the children make every sports event necessary is considered a Bad Bitch. A woman who works like a Hebrew slave, runs her own business while creating another one, keeps her house clean, keeps herself maintained at all times and pushes through even when she feels as though she’s crumbling is a Bad Bitch. A woman who has never really had her Mom or Dad to guide her. Had to figure life out on her own while during the process experienced a lot of hard times all to become a hard working female with goals and has achieved some of the things she said she would is considered to be a Bad Bitch. And let’s not forget a woman that walks with pride, keeps herself maintained, never intimidated by others and turns heads as she walks is also considered a Bad Bitch. So the moral to this story is even though the term bitch has a slew of negativity to follow, there’s also tons of positivity to follow as well. The next time someone uses the term bitch concerning you, make sure to remind them to add Bad in front of it. Because as a powerful woman that is Exactly what you are. A Bad Bitch. Shut Yo Mouth!

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