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Great Shampoo Combo!!

I just so happened to have stumbled upon this shampoo combination. I ran out of products for my curly locks and discovered i‘m nowhere near my supply store that carries Deva curl. So off to Wallgreens I go. I’m a stickler when it comes to shampoos for my curly hair. If you’re not using the right products it will definitely show in your style. I’ve seen these products before but at this time I just need something that was hydrating enough to have my curls laid when they dry. Ooooweeee I was so impressed. This right here was the bomb! It is so moisturizing. My hair is so soft and my curls came out phenomenal. It was so hydrating and smoothing that I didn’t even have to put any product on afterwards like I normally do. Just a spritz of their argan mist and let it air dry. I normally have to put a styling cream in and mix a pinch of argan oil. But this surprised me. It was so simple. So ladies don’t sleep on the cvs, walgreens or any other stores outside your high end beauty supply spots, such as I did. You never know what you might find. I’m so addicted to this line now. Check it out at Target and get the large sizes that come with a pump. The prices vary between $9 and $10. Sometimes you’ll catch a sale such as 2 for something. Ok my Red Roomer’s Happy Shopping!!

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