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Is Being Single a Destiny?

As women we so often feel our clocks are ticking after a certain age. Usually if we’re not married at least between the ages of 35-40 we get weary and start to question ourselves as to why were not married. If not married by the ages 45-50 there’s definitely something wrong with us. And between 55-60..... it’s a wrap. Why as women do we fault ourselves? Men dont. Why can’t we just be so phenomenal that men are unfortunately intimidated by those amazing qualities? Or maybe there are so many men that have seen so many failed marriages that they are terrified of the challenge. Or how about you just haven't met your mate? Why do we have time limits on our lives? Why do we feel as though we are less than nothing if we don’t have our soulmate or significant other by a certain age? We are women. That being that God created to be strong and because of this some men are not ready. Then we have those men that want the same thing as we do and we just haven’t connected with him yet. Take it from a single woman over 50 such as me. It’s ok to be single. We want the right one. So if it means waiting until that one shows up then let it be. We so often set dates and times for our lives, but bottom line is Your set time is not always God’s set time. We all know his set time is the right time. So ladies don’t stop being you. Stop saying ”it’s too late”. Stop crying and start placing yourself in Like minded environments. If a well kept classy man is what you desire enjoy events that produce that type of crowd. Start enjoying life if you haven’t already. Take yourself to dinner sometimes. Everything will happen the way it’s suppose to. Don’t force it. Let it come naturally. When you allow things to work the way it’s suppose to naturally it can last a lifetime. Stay focused my beauties!

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