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Married Man and the Single Woman

There’s no real way to believe in the phrase “I Will Never”. We can say this all day everyday and still end up in a situation that we said Never! As women we have all been in vulnerable situations that have directed us down paths that we thought we for sure would never travel. However just know you are human. And things can happen no matter how strong you may be. First of all let’s check a list of how some may attract married men:

1. You’ve recently come out of a bad relationship and are vulnerable and sometimes are willing to do whatever to stop the pain.

2. Low Self-Esteem. Men can smell it a mile away and because of that the ones that are selfish and just need a quick fix from time to time they will approach you with everything you need to hear at that time.

3. You’ve done this before and they can sense who is willing to take the ride and who’s not, although some will try even the ones who will not.

4. Some of us just wanna be saved. This is a very true statement mainly because of financial reasons. And there are some that are willing to ride that ride just to have a piece of you. Believe it or not sometimes these relationships end up in a real true love triangle. Sad but true. Even when we think we have super control powers. Love is not something that we can control. You can read books, purchase natural oils, etc. and throughout my research I’ve found you cannot control that feeling called love. You can put a slow mode on it, but those feelings can resurface at any moment under any circumstance. Unfortunately the one thing that both sides sometimes lack is..... The guidelines to this. Yes, there’s rules so if you play the game ladies don’t get the short end of the stick. Men often try to act as though they are oblivious to it, but most men know the deal. If you choose to be the side chick make sure it’s worth every penny. Please don’t be that one that is still trying to figure out how to pay her rent, can barely buy food and don’t know how you’re getting to work the next day. Spending money on trips that he’s invited you on and you’re crying whenever he say’s he has to be with his wife.

Ok, so this will sound harsh but, Know Your Place! If this is something women may choose to do as I said prior there are rules and guidelines. If he’s making sure basically that your needs are met you have no choice but to be quiet and accept when he’s unavailable. You see sometimes we don’t realize what we have chosen to accept is enjoying the perks that are suppose to come in a married man relationship, however that also means putting up with being alone and not always being able to get your needs met when You want to, Not being able to talk to them when You want to etc. It still gives Absolutely No man the right to mistreat, verbally abuse , etc. any woman. Some women feel as though if they are sexually and financially taken care of that this means accept the bull in that manner. Please don’t be confused. Regardless to what choices you have made you are still a human being that still deserves respect. No judgment. Just know the rules. Again, a real man rather he’s cheating or not absolutely knows what comes with messing around outside of his committed vows. Don’t be fooled. The only way he will disregard that is if you allow him to. Not that this is the right thing to do. But this is real life, and know for the most part ladies.... 98% of men are not leaving their wives for the side chick. If you’re fully aware of this then your one step ahead of the game. If not you might as well jump now. Sorry, sometimes the truth hurts.

I love my ladies and I want us to understand you are no less of a person because of the decisions we’ve all made in life, but be smart. Stay Beautiful my Red Roomer’s

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