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Strappy Shoes vs Pumps

Updated: Feb 12, 2019

We all know strappy stilettos are one of the sexiest types of shoes a woman can wear. Especially on women with larger calves, however let’s not forget pumps are the original sexy shoes created. Strappy heels can be worn with jeans, dresses, shorts, pants etc. Pumps can be worn with just about everything as well but are not quite as versatile as the strappy heel. For instance pumps can be worn with shorts depending on the style. If the shorts are fittted to the body pumps are not as flattering. Shorts that are wider in the thigh area or more loose fitting just about any style shoe works. So for the most part strappy verses pumps are basically a choice. Find what heel works for you and choose. Of course the higher the heel the sexier the legs can be. But I don’t want any of my beauties uncomfortable so pick the most comfortable for you and work the hell out of that shoe. Stay Fab my loves!

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