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The Best Hot tool for straightening Hair.

Wanna talk about straight hair? Let’s talk. These are my Absolute favorite ceramic irons ever! We use these in my studio and they work for some of the coarses textures. But beware because they are a professional tool, making sure to adapt the heat to each persons hair texture is important. So I gotta admit after using ceramic irons that required me to put extreme pressure on each piece of hair I flat ironed I did not realize that when using the BaBaylissPro Prima 3000 it totally wasn’t necessary. So of course I did the big oops on myself and broke my curl pattern down to the max. 😳😳 Well thank God that was a few years ago. Anyhoo, these are the bomb they go up to 465. Which most people may not even require that level of heat, but the possibilities are endless. Just know these are a pro line. So make sure to be conscious of your heat level. Happy Flat ironing my red roomer’s!

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