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What's Your New Year Mindset?

Every year around this time we often come up with our next year resolutions, and for some reason or another we tend to Not follow any of them. Why not try something different for 2023? Instead of putting yourself through the stress of trying to come up with resolutions because that's just what you've trained yourself to do. Why not create a vision board? I personally have never been able to stand by any resolutions I've ever set out to accomplish. Instead, I find a vision board more engaging and often can give you something to look forward to. On your vision board put up pictures and words that inspire you to manifest your goals and dreams. Example: If your goal is to lose weight find a past pic of yourself (if it was a weight you were more comfortable with) or a pic of a similar body type goal you are focused towards. Use positive, empowering words next to them such as... 1. My Goal Weight. 2. I Will 3. Determined. Or maybe if it's a particular country or city you are striving to get to. Find pictures of those places to put on your vision board with manifesting words such as... 1. Preparing for my trip. 2.Going to ___ 3. Packing. Put your board somewhere you will see it every single day you wake up. Manifest each thing you put on your board by staying focused and doing things to bring them into fruition. I also include prayer in which I ask God to help me stay focused and guide me in ways to get what I need in order to move forward on my missions. Though your goals and dreams may seem unattainable. They are actually right in front of you. Don't sweat if you drop the ball a few times. Regroup. Go back to your vision board and start all over again. The vision board is to keep you focused and empowered. Resolutions are firm decisions to do or not to do something. Vision Boards are things we envision for ourselves. It is something that inspires us to reach our goals and empower us whenever we get weary. Make 2023 easy on yourself. Allow your Vision Board to strengthen and make you determined to do whatever you set out to do. Remember when you're focused on bettering your life you no longer have to make resolutions about what you will NOT do. Because when you are on a positive path your desire for things that are not part of the process will become more distasteful. Enjoy this last day of 2022 by reflecting and creating that vision board. Go into 2023 with a grateful heart. Grateful for God allowing us to see another year. Let's make this new year a positive mindset year. Even when were at our lowest. YOU control your destiny!

Happy New Year and Thankyou to those who have continued to support The Red Room Blog and Ricardos Place Studio!!! I'm so very grateful for your support and love throughout the years.

Now Let's Go Into 2023 with an Empowering, I Ain't Stopping Til I Get It Attitude!


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