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When Heels Are No Longer An Option

When Heels are No Longer an Option.

Wow,it was just like yesterday when we were putting those stilettos on. 2 inches just weren’t enough. We needed 4-5 inches. Well my sistas, some of us can still do it. But very few over 40 years olds can. However, life is Not over. It’s just begun. B

ut in a different way. For those that love heels and feel your legs look way better with skinny heels, I’m gonna give you some great options in order to keep that sexy going. Believe it or not if you can’t wear a high heel with a dress just make sure the dress is a little above the knee or at the knee. Not quite a midi, but in between. Put a shoe on with a blocked heel no more than maybe 2-3 inches Blocked heels give better balance than a stiletto heel and can still elongate the legs to a degree. The same goes if your wearing slacks or jeans. Block heels still work. Summertime pieces are always great with wedges for just about anything except dressier items. Not really a fan of wedged heels with a designer dress unless it’s a lucite wedge with adornments or an all clear wedge. Save the kitten heels only when necessary. Preferably in a pump. Bottom line wear what’s comfortable for you. These are only options for my gals that aren’t yet ready to completely give in. However every woman knows her comfort level. Until next time...... Don’t let the shoe wear you. You wear the shoe!

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