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Our CUATRO oil also comes in a pump bottle for those that prefer an easier way to apply for all over body hydration.

This Phenomenal coldpressed pomegranate seed and lemon oil has so many beneficial properties.

This little bottle is full of minerals, vitamin c,vitamin k and more. It is an antioxidant in a cute package. Great for heat styling, before and after. Great for natural styles to remove twist, Bantu knots. , braid outs, perm sets, flexi rod sets,strawsets etc.

The palmitic acid in this product softens the hair without that greasy feel. This is also the catalyst for hair

growth. It revitalizes dry hair by adding a radiant shine. Can also be used on braids and textured extensions. This oil is multi-beneficial as a great face and body moisturizer. Hydrates the body while leaving a soft aroma of natural fragrance. It has anti-aging benefits by helping control wrinkles. Great for hyperpigmentation and extremely dry skin without being super oily. For All skin types.

***Our formulas contain essential oils and organic materials. We ask that our clients fully research all ingredients prior to use, as we will not accept future liability for skin

health irritations.

Please store in cool room

temperature settings.

Keep away from direct sunlight.

** Shelf Life: 1 year with proper storage

4 oz CUATRO Pump

  • Once any of our oils have been purchased taken and or received from Ricardo’s Place Studio we have a No Return Policy. If you would like to exchange your product before leaving the studio we are happy to do so. Because we take pride in being extremely sanitary we must make the best decisions to keep everyone safe. Please contact us for any concerns via email. Thankyou

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