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Cinco  Oil
Ingredients: Coldpressed Lavender Oil, Lemongrass Oil, Jojoba Oil, and Sweet Almond Oil with Lavender buds.
This body oil is formulated for moisturizing body. Great for relaxation, stress relief, rashes, itchiness, stretch marks, UV skin damage and more. Can be used to even your body’s  skin tone. 
It is a non greasy mixture, full of  vitamin E, which helps to fight skin impurities. The blend of lemongrass has been known as a great insect repellent also. Our Cinco Body Oil is perfect when used directly after a luxurious shower session and can be used to Enhance your bath experience by adding a few drops under running water.            

***Our formulas contain essential oils and organic materials. We ask that our clients fully research all ingredients prior to use, as we will not  accept future liability for skin 
 health irritations.
Please store in cool room 
temperature settings.
Keep away from direct sunlight.

Cinco Oil

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