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Ingredients ****Paraban free body cream infused with Organic Pomegranate seed oil and Essential Lemon oil


This hand-whipped body cream is a lightweight hydrating cream for those that desire hydration without a large amount of oil substance. This body cream can be used as a layering cream or by itself. Restores your natural barrier in order to lock in moisture. Smooth and rich and great for sensitive skin, eczema, extremely dry skin, hands and feet. The pomegranate seed oil is a great anti-aging treatment. Pomegranate Carrier Oil boosts collagen production, enhances skin elasticity,reduces the appearance of scarring, promotes the reversal of skin damage, and leaves lasting moisture without leaving a greasy residue or clogging pores.


8oz: Amber
  • Once any of our oils have been purchased taken and or received from Ricardo’s Place Studio we have a No Return Policy. If you would like to exchange your product before leaving the studio we are happy to do so. Because we take pride in being extremely sanitary we must make the best decisions to keep everyone safe. Please contact us for any concerns via email. Thankyou

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