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Ingredients ***** Nothing but pure organic Pomegranate Seed Oil,Lemon Essential oil and natural herbs.


This lightweight all

natural high shine hair spray is a great for All hair types. Not heavy and gives your hair a powerful glow with a touch of fresh lemons and pomegranate seed oil. This formula is made just a tad different from our CUATRO oil. This carries more lemon notes to give you a burst of energy as you spray and it helps control the amount of oil dispersed at time of use. Can be used to layer on top of body as a touch up glow when your out and about. Leaves your hair with a beautiful lemon aroma as it creates shiny hair without the weight. Make sure to shake product lightly approximately 5-8 seconds before before dispersing spray. New bottles must be pre pumped before actual use.

***Our formulas contain essential oils and organic materials. We ask that our clients fully research all ingredients prior to use, as we will not accept future liability for skin

health irritations.

Please store in cool room

temperature settings.

Keep away from direct sunlight.


Shelf life 6 months with proper storage

CUATRO Hair Shine

  • Once any of our oils have been purchased taken and or received from Ricardo’s Place Studio we have a No Return Policy. If you would like to exchange your product before leaving the studio we are happy to do so. Because we take pride in being extremely sanitary we must make the best decisions to keep everyone safe. Please contact us for any concerns via email. Thankyou

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