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Focus on Your Purpose.✨✨

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

It's Sunday a day to reflect and regroup . We Are so often challenged by our weekly trials that we tend to forget the big picture. We allow setbacks and issues to keep us from not focusing on what our goals are. We lose motivation to push forward and even sometimes say we're giving up. But Not Today! Let this Sunday allow you to start off by just being Thankful. Wakeup with prayer and ask for guidance to show you which direction to go in. I know it may look dark and unpromising, but you were placed on this earth with a purpose. Now how you choose to use your time on this earth is totally up to you. However with much prayer you'll know the route you should take. If you had a goal before things got in the way keep striving. Keep moving. Start setting up as if the plan is already in place. If it involves things to be purchased in order to start, Then start Now. Go on Amazon. Shop the Athome store or wherever you need to go. These are the steps in order for you to allow the doors to start opening. Stay focused. No matter what you see. Or what you do not have. It's Coming! You Cannot give up. You Cannot go backwards. Push those doors open and watch God work. I didn't say it would be easy. But I'm saying with prayer and faith.. It Will Happen!!


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