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Woman Power💪🏾

Do you know how powerful you are as a woman? We so often downplay what we bring to this thing called Life. Did you know you were born with Super Powers? Yes, It was God's design. You have endured things that you thought you would Never endure and you came out stronger than ever! Why???? Because it's the way you were created. You were not put on this earth just for beauty. You were put on this earth to do the things that men could never do. Not just produce children. But to be the strength when they fall apart. To get things done even when you are not at your best. To push through circumstances because you know your children need you. To get up and grind when your relationship has fallen apart and you don't feel like moving. To stay focused when you feel like giving up because you are an entrepreneur. To make decisions because you know people are depending on you. To hold your head up and face uncertainty when you have just had a crying meltdown and felt like turning back......Yeah Girl, you got Super Power's💥 When you feel your worst understand "You Are Built For This". You have something no man could ever have. Because man did not design you. You have powers beyond belief. Keep Pushin!! Stay Focused!!


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