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Happy Self Love/Valentine’s Day❤️❤️

Upon collaborating with a woman I truly admire #askjenyfer Jennyfer Crawford. We've been trying to do this for a while and thought why not do a shoot based around Valentine’s?


Instead of the focus being based on relationship’s with men. The focus is based on ourselves as women.


To those who feel cheated or down when seeing all the Valentines adornments on social media.

Why not celebrate YOU as the woman you are.

Celebrate your accomplishments in life.

Celebrate your power.

Celebrate the beauty that lies within and on the outside.

No man, relationship or partner have given you those things.


Those are things you were birthed with.

So upon approaching Valentine’s or as some may call it Galentine’s Day.



Whether you treat yourself to dinner

Go shopping

Purchase yourself flowers

Or just Be.


Thankyou to Fashion Nova for throwing these dresses up on the site right before I decided to style my girl and I in order to celebrate US as the dope women we are



Photography Daniel Hughes

Dresses @Fashionnova

Brown boots @BCBG

Clear shoesSHEIN

Makeup on Jennyfer J. RemusMua

Makeup on Rocky Rocky Campbell


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