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Loving Yourself Without Hair

"So often as women we base our beauty or sense of sexy on the length of our hair or even how much hair we may have. We don’t feel beautiful if our hair isn’t down our backs. We don’t feel sexy if we’re dealing with cases of Alopecia or even the beginning stages of hair loss from hormones. But remember HAIR does Not define who you are! We have so often got caught up in what society says is beautiful. Beauty is YOU! Hair or no Hair. There are so many hair remedies to camouflage alopecia and any other hair issues. There are great Wigs and Units out here in every style to give you what you need. There’s also great hairstyle creators who customize Units to fit your needs. The key is quality hair and quality stylist to produce great results. There are also companies that provide custom pieces such as and These are vendors I personally work with in my studio. Let’s not forget all the phenomenal Barbers who can rejuvenate you by simply cutting it off. Who cares about hair? It’s the person behind the hair that matters. Either way it is a personal preference and you don’t have to feel less than beautiful. We’ve got so many options! Now smile queen and keep your head up ."

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