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Rouge CUATRO 2

Updated: Oct 2, 2021

This is one of my favorite cocktails right now for that natural body glow.🤩🤩🌟🌟


I just combine my @rouge_essentialhairoils #CUATRO2 oil with @jergensus #naturalglow in my color choice.

I use Jergens on my entire body except face at least for 2-3 days alone then I start to apply my CUATRO2 oil alone all over. (Except face) WOW!!! What a glow!


After using Jergens for a few days you’ll see your skin start to bronze to the color you desire. After 7 it’s at its full color. I just wait about 2-3 days before applying CUATRO2 just to get my bronze halfway there. Then allow the essential oil shimmer to take over. I love this beautiful bronzed look.


Grab your organic CUATRO2 essential shimmer glow oil.💫💫💫💫 from my Rouge Essential Hair and Skin oils on our Shop page.

P.S … CUATRO 2 can be used alone without any help so for just a beautiful glow and hydration forget the cocktail and enjoy this beauty all by herself.

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I love Honey pot products and it‘s black own.

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