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Bean Body Coffee Scrub

“Coffee Scrubs Story”

I think I’m in love. I found these coffee scrubs at #target and I’m loving how they make me feel. I’ve already tried the cocoberry. So tonight I’m trying mandarin. The benefits of coffee are they are awesome for stretch marks and cellulite. The benefits of sea salt is a great exfoliant for the skin. You have the coconut and vitamin e for skin softening. So far it’s lived up to its standards for me. Can be a tad bit messy, but it’s truly worth it. Ladies we have to take time and indulge every so often in a relaxing tub of water. Next time take one of these with you. You’ll love the feel. #fashionbeautyblogger #skincare #beautyblogging #sexyskin #softskin #skincareonadime #bloggerlife #bloggerstyle #bebeautiful #smoothskin #coffeefortheskin #theredroomblog

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