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I love the woman that I am so much that I refuse to Not take care of this one body I have. I refuse to be basic because people say I should be. I refuse to Not wear makeup when I want to because someone says “I like you better without it ”. I refuse to dress down Everyday because wherever I’m going everyone else chooses too. I will not change the color of my hair because people say after 50 you should go your natural color. I refuse to be basic, boring,unnoticed and disheveled. They call it Vain. I call it keeping myself up as a woman. We so often fold into dimming our light for others just so people will like us. In the end you must ask yourself..,,, Do You Like Who You Are? Being born a Woman is a God given privilege. He didn’t give you that privilege to destroy it. Take care of what God has blessed you with. You are one of the best things he created. #womensempowerment #fashionbeautyblogger #bloggerstyle #beautyofthewoman #selflove #fashioninuencer #quotestoliveby #transfo